Soaked Coconut Quinoa Porridge

There’s something so comforting about the word porridge, right? Even if it is 90 degrees outside?

I mean, the word porridge just feels nourishing, right? Much more than warmed quinoa breakfast, am I right? And even as summer begins to poke over the horizon (thank GOODNESS) I still want that comfort that a warm bowl of porridge provides.

Then again, I am the kind of person who drinks hot coffee all year round

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Roasted Carrot Soba with Miso Cashew Cream

March can be considered a tale of two months
On the one hand, there is all that beer and Irish potatoes (oh YES). Ugh seriously, I could dream about the bombardment of coconut and cinnamon Irish potatoes. And, after about 8 weeks of dieting, this is usually where a lot of people decide to forgo that protein shake for chocolate cake. Now, you might think it is bizarre that I am pushing for chocolate cake. But I like to keep it real with y’all and it can’t be any realer than a slice of molten lava cake.
Oh yeah. That ooze. Come to mama.

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Stew-y Chickpeas with Capers, Tomatoes, and Feta

Oh hey, look, another chickpea recipe! 

 Now this recipe does not exactly scream fall, but that is ok! I know for a lot of you, fall means apple everything. Also winter squash everything. Also pumpkin spice everything. And pumpkin spice, while not exactly my favorite, I found out is particularly good on top of pumpkin seeds (a la Trader Joes).

Seriously how meta is that?

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