It’s the weekend! Thank goodness people.

How are y’all doing? It’s been rough with the transition here and all since the inauguration, but we are managing (even though it means long nights at the office). But I’m trying to maintain my work life balance because that has been important to me. Right? Life SHOULDN’T be all about work.

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Kamut Breakfast Bowl with Seared Persimmons

You are not going to believe me, but oatmeal and I needed a break. Seriously.

Now, oatmeal is usually my go-to during the work week. I have it around 5-6 times a week and it gives me enough fiber and plant based protein to allow me to stay full during lunch. Also, guys, the ways you can change oatmeal are endless. Sweet and savory. Fruits and veggies. Peanut butter and peanut butter.

I know I said peanut butter twice. It was totally intentional.

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Chickpea Coconut Curry with Goat Cheese Polenta

‚ÄčLet’s get out of our comfort zone. By getting into our comfort zone.

I have grown up eating Indian food for most of my life. It is pretty much my favorite thing to eat (Spicy Sarah was my nickname in high school). My dad always loved taking me to the Indian buffet for lunch in our town, when pre-vegetarian me would load up on totally authentic butter chicken (blessed be he). Even though I am vegetarian, making my own indian food (and even gobbling up Trader Joe’s Chana Masala) makes for some of my favorite meals. And for me, nothing scream comfort quite like a big old warm bowl of dahl or curry chocked full of chickpeas or lentils.

I swear I have curry powder running through my veins. My yellow tinged veins.

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Favorite Trader Joe’s Products

The post you have been waiting for is actually here! Aka where I channel my obsession for a store.

It is a little nuts that I have this much love for a grocery store, right? Actually, probably not. I never went to a physical Trader Joe’s until I was in college. For me, Trader Joe’s was a magical place that my grandfather went to to pick us up all kinds of goodies. The nearest Trader Joe’s to my house as a kid was over an hour, but he lived five minutes from one. He would always surprise us with some of the weirdest stuff. He was a depression man, so he always thought the various canned goods were bomb!

Sardines in harrisa? Yeah, not exactly my cup of tea.

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Mediterranean Street Fries

What a way to wake your tastebuds. I swear. Fries before lies!

Ok maybe I am being a leetle bit dramatic, but these fries are where it is at! Over the past couple of months, I have made sweet potato fries religiously during my weekly meal prep. They are so easy and, I think, for the amount of time you put into them, they are worth WAY more than the sum of their parts.

That is like all of my favorite things. Work hard(ly), play hard. That’s what the phrase is, right?

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