Oatmeal Almond Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies (GF/DF)

We are at the trifecta of the chocolate holidays: Easter/Passover! Are you ready?

My family is always very good at making sure we celebrated both Jewish and Christian holidays. We are talking eating the Passover chocolate we sold for Hebrew school alongside the Reese’s eggs my mom put in our Easter baskets. Looking back on it, I always found it so beautiful how my mom was able to seamlessly blend the holidays. To be fair, a lot of the “religion” was removed from these discussions, but we did have a Sedar and we hunted a ton of eggs.

Full disclosure: I am an egg hunting champ!

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What Podcasts Am I Listening to Lately?

With my friends, I talk about podcasts almost as much as I talk about my favorite television shows or movies. I love listening to them on walks, while I’m cooking, and hey, I might even listen to some at night instead of watching TV. I don’t even listen to music much anymore.

Well, except for the occasional Hamilton binge.

I get super excited when someone recommends a new podcast to me. Music just gets repetitive if you are walking home 40 minutes each way like I am. And while audiobooks have caught my interest lately, I am really into this idea of something that I only have to dedicate an hour to (and not 12 hours like my most recent book. Dear lord.)

My tastes in podcasts seem to vary a great deal and, compared to other wellness bloggers, you might see that I have some podcasts on here you have never heard of before. I am an economics and history major, so, naturally, my leanings tend to venture into that realm. I also like to pretend I’m funny, so I have podcasts that allow me to aspire to the comedians on there. They might be a little quirky, but hey, I really like them! I hope that you go outside of your comfort zone with some of my choices. And hey, maybe you’ll become as addicted to them as I have!

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BBQ Roasted Chickpeas with Polenta “Grits” (Instant Pot Friendly!)

Happy first day of spring! Are you ready for some sunshine?

Spring is always that season that we love, but it passes so darn quickly. In DC, springtime is absolutely magical. I love how the city comes alive with cherry blossoms and cherry or blossom flavored everything! Seriously, if you have had cherry blossom kombucha or cherry blossom donuts, you are missing out! It is just the best time of year! The worst thing about spring is how fragile it is. Yes, I used the word fragile because it is so true. One minute it is winter (cue today’s Nor’ Easter and 6 inches of snow) and the next, it is blazing hot! The worst last year was when all of the cherry blossoms froze and died RIGHT before peak bloom.

It was devastating.

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Eggplant and Organic Red Pepper Sauce

Spring is just around the corner… and dear God, why isn’t it here yet???

Just this week, the temperature PLUMMETED. And here I am again wearing sweaters and drinking tea and hoping for a margarita. And with the extra daylight, my body is really confused about why and how it is so cold outside.

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My Favorite Places to Eat in DC

Summer is coming.

And hopefully, it will not be as morbid or bloody as a Game of Thrones winter! Fall is actually my favorite season, but there is something about summertime that is always so magical. It is PRIME beach season. It becomes socially acceptable to eat ice cream all the time. The fact that I can wear shorts outside and not be judged that it is not “shorts weather”.

Personal choice that shorts weather is all the time weather.

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Kale Caesar Salad with Chickpea Croutons

Say hellooooo to your new favorite lunch!

Kale Caesar salad with chickpea croutons to the rescue.

This is everything I want in lunch: crunchy, crispy, tangy, flavorful and ridiculously satisfying. Like, super filling! I love love love it.

Oh and pretty easy too. I need something easy since I spend the majority of any break I take for lunch losing my brain in the internet vortex. Mostly over memes of things like Neopets circa 1999. What a great freaking game.

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