Ginger Butter Braised Tomatoes

I hope you’re not sick of tomato recipes yet. Because I am certainly not.

I’m not totally ready to let go into summer yet. While it is true that some of my favorite recipes have all the fall foods (butternut squash! brussels sprouts!) I am a darn near loyalist when it comes to not rushing the seasons. Pumpkin belongs in October (even though I am a teensy bit excited for these Mrs. Meyer’s fall scents). But in terms of food, I want my peaches and my corn.

And as long as tomatoes are this good, I will be choosing tomatoes.

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Sunflower Butter Crispy Rice Treats + My Trip to Giant

Crispy rice treats was the snack I always begged my mom put in my lunch as a kid. Even as an adult (with an arguably more sophisticated palate), I still can’t get enough of them. They are so easy to make, easy to eat, and require NO OVEN. The PERFECT summer treat, if you ask me.

Especially with sprinkles. Because everything is better with sprinkles.

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