Easy Chana Masala (Instant Pot/Non Instant Pot Instructions)

Hot stews season: I am here for you.

I love a good curry recipe and, from looking at my previous recipes, are you really all that surprised? There is nothing better than a warm potta goodness. Especially with the holidays being over and everything, now is the time to break out and find some delicious, nourishing bowls to get us jumpstarted into 2019.

So let us get started, shall me?

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What I Ate Today

Hi all! 

With the start of the new year comes a new series! I get so many requests on my blog and Instagram asking what a typical day of eating looks like for me. And so, to give y’all a more realistic idea of what I eat on the daily, I am starting a new series on what I am actually eating in a day. Especially as a student who eats a ton of meals on the go, I always find these posts to be eye opening and give me a ton of ideas of what 

So let’s get started!

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Butternut Squash, White Bean, and Green Chile Chili

Because we need a green chile chili around these parts… say that five times fast!

I have a couple of chili recipes on this blog, mostly due to the fact that I love warm bowls of beans on cold winter nights (I mean, can you blame me?). I love em also mostly because I can make a HUGE batch of goodness in my Instant Pot and have meals throughout the week. That means I don’t have to clean my kitchen so talk about a WIN WIN!

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Simple Cherry Tomato Pasta with Tofu Ricotta

Simple meals, with the holidays and all, are the name of the game.

This is the time of year when pasta is on the menu almost every other day. The days are short, and the nights are long and cold. It’s the coziest time of year, and around here that means plenty of pasta. The last few days have been bitter cold with blistering wind and snow. It’s pretty much the scene out of a classic Christmas movie, and I love it. Well… maybe if it were a little warmer.

And pasta is quick and cheap, so you know it is going down! Because mama needs presents.

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