2019 Gift Guide Cooking Edition

This gift guide cooking edition is for that person that is the most Cutting Veg in your life. I’ve done gift guides before, but, this year, I decided to break it down by the categories of people in your life… not that we are categorizing people but you get me!

If you are anything like me, you are always trying to get your holiday shopping done before the big Thanksgiving rush. To be honest, that normally does not happen for me. However, this year I decided to help give you guys a head start with a few gift guides I will be posting. Are you excited? Because I am!

All of these products are stuff I use on the regular or products that my mom or friends have that I wish I could take off their hands. These products are kitchen staples and would make great gifts for the couple, parents, or newlyweds in your life. Hello!

I hope you guys love this gift guide cooking edition for all the prospective chefs in your life. Have fun shopping!


1) Stojo Reusable and Collapsable Coffee Cup ($15): This reusable travel mug is the best for busy days when you know you don’t have a lot of storage space. I like to rinse it out before collapsing it and taking it to go!

2) Fish Spatula ($14): I honestly use this every day in my kitchen. This is the perfect thing to flip pancakes, toss veggies, or make eggs.

3) Nespresso Vertuoplus Deluxe Coffee Maker ($199): This is actually on my wish list for the holidays! I’ve had the espresso made by this machine and it actually tastes so darn delicious. Also, THAT FOAM.

4) Weck 742 Mold Jars ($34): These jars make great storage containers, but they’re also how I choose to eat my smoothies. Delicious addition.

5) Le Creuset Cast Iron Dutch Oven ($240): This dutch oven was one of my mom’s favorite presents I got her a couple years ago. She loves making stews and soups in it and it’ll last her for years to come

6) State Cheese Boards ($48): I am always on the hunt for a cheese board to entertain, and this one is so darn cute! The question is whether I get Pennsylvania or New Jersey!

7) Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glasses ($28): I got these for my 21st birthday one year and am thinking of getting them for my sister this year! They are just so cute and also make taking tequila shots so fun!

8) Mini Waffle Maker ($18): This is perfect for the tween or teen in your life. My cousin loves using this to make her mom breakfast. We gotta start them young!

9) Bubble Tea Kit ($35): As a self described bubble tea fanatic, I feel like my college self would have loved getting this as a gift!

10) S’well Travel Mug ($35): The perfect gift for a friend, this keeps my coffee and/or matcha nice and toasty while I am out and about for classes!

11) Breville Smart Oven with Air Fryer ($400): Every time I go to my parents house, I do not know why I don’t get one of these for myself. I love roasting veggies without turning on the big oven, and it always makes perfect toast.

12) Kusmi Tea Sampler ($25): I received this as a going away gift one year and absolutely loved it! The teas are all Earl Grey inspired and each has their own unique, delicious flavor.

13) Cookbook Stand ($18): I have a knack for making a mess in the kitchen and this cookbook stand makes sure I don’t get the pages messy! It’s also a great hostess gift.

14) Personalized Family Recipe Board ($100): Don’t tell my mom, but I think this is what I might be getting her for the holidays. It makes for such a personal gift that I know I would love to receive.

15) Glass Oil Bottle with Gold Stopper ($6): This bottle will instantly make your kitchen feel fancy. PLUS it makes for a great hostess gift!

16) Instant Pot Pressure Cooker ($99): I’ve used my pressure cooker in so many ways on the blog. Plus, this time of year has so many discounts for the Instant Pot that there’s no reason you shouldn’t treat yo self.

17) Set of Cheese Knives ($24): Choose to break these up for individual gifts or serve these as a set. These cheese knives are a favorite of mine for parties!

18) Pie Dish ($30): We are all trying to be adults, so we all need to get a fancy pie dish! This would be a great hostess gift with a pie baked into it!

19) Bamboo Cutlery Set ($10): We all are looking to be a little less wasteful, so why not invest in a set of reusable utensils? These make the perfect stocking stuffer.

20) Porter Ceramic Bowl ($40): I tote my lunch to school every single day and this makes eating lunch I’ve brought from home even more enjoyable! I’ve gotten so many compliments on this!

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