Roasted Red Pepper Mac And Cheese (V/DF)

I have the dish you’re going to eat morning, noon and night this week! Because, I’ve been doing it myself.

And just to play it safe, we’ll say the entire rest of spring. Cool? K. I love meals that i can just look in the pantry, with no food in the fridge, and say, “HEY! I can make food outta nothing.” It is the best feeling in the whole wide world.

It is like we’re making magic. Bring me my unicorn.

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Asian Sesame Brussels Slaw

It’s springtime… and so I fully plan on overdosing on all of the vegetables.

I love spring, mostly because it puts me in a mood to eat lighter. And what better way to enjoy the warmer spring temps than a big old bowl of salad. But not just any salad… this baby is a crunchy, fresh sesame filled wonderland

Who knew you could have feelings about a salad?

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Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai

Today, I am rambling all about pad thai in an attempt to turn your week around!

I promise ya, this will be your new go-to weekend meal prep extravaganza. Because nothing says I love you quite like anything slathered in peanut sauce. I’ve made peanut sauce before but, y’all, you ain’t never had peanut sauce like this before.

It’s proven your week will be made better with some peanut sauce. Trust me.

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