Mexican Street Corn Avocado Toast

We are on a south of the border kick over here.

Seriously, you need to do yourself a favor (or better yet, a f(l)avor) and make these bad boys up. I know y’all might pause at the fact that I am seriously writing up a recipe for avocado toast… but think of this more as a major sign to flavortown.

Oh no… am I turning into Guy Fieri?

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Lime Marinated Kale Burrito Bowls

It’s a fiesta over here!

I know kale always gets the short end of the stick in the “food” world. First, she was a garnish. Then, she was the ridicule of health food world. BUT, y’all, if you think you don’t like kale salads, then you haven’t LIVED until you tried marinating it in lime juice and lots of spice.

Trust me… I will convert you. That didn’t sound sketchy at all.

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Mini Cauliflower Goat Cheese Frittatas

Because we all need to be a bit basic sometimes, ya get me?

There are weeks when my brain is BURSTING with creativity. Like, I need to get these 10 recipe ideas outta me before my brain explodes, kind of creativity. That kind of week means that if I meal prep a recipe, it might sit in my fridge and I might also waste hours cooking. But then there are the weeks when I just need to get delicious food in me and have zero time to spare to even THINK about my next meal.

And for those kind of “brainless” weeks, this recipe is perfect.

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