Vegan Queso Dip (Nut/Dairy Free)

It's summertime and I'm ready to eat my weight in Vegan Queso Dip! Dairy and nut free, it comes together in 15 minutes and is the perfect addition to your summer party. Get on it! #thecuttingveg #summerparty #eatrealfood #queso #whatveganseat

It’s summertime and I’m ready to eat my weight in Vegan Queso Dip! Dairy and nut free, it comes together in 15 minutes and is the perfect addition to your summer party. Get on it!

It’s here! A queso for the ages.

To be honest, I never really LOVED queso, mostly because in college, I felt so gross after eating it. I mean, jarred cheese always sounds good in theory until you eat the entire jar yourself. Lactose intolerance for ya! However, after making this Vegan Queso Dip, I promise to convert even the queso skeptics into LOVERS.

Because The Cutting Veg is for queso lovers.

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Sweet Potato Nachos with Sliced Jalapeños

Sweet Potato Nachos with Pickled Jalepeños are a healtheir, delicious take on my favorite football treat! They are easy to make and so tasty! #thecuttingveg #eatrealfood #footballtailgate #nachos #sweetpotatoes

Special thank you to Mezzetta for sponsoring this post

Football party time means NACHO time, and nachos are definitely a non-negotiable for any football party I throw! Sweet Potato Nachos with Jalapeño Slices for a delicious, lighter take on my favorite football game treat! Who cannot love these nachos? They are easy to make and so tasty!

I have a thing for nachos!

One of my favorite easy snacks or dinners to make as a kid were nachos. Now, my dad used to make them as a quick lunch or dinner on Sundays throughout the fall and winter months. He would pile the chips high with cheese and peppers and throw them in the oven. By the time we came inside, the nachos were ready for eating and enjoying the football game!

It sounds like a movie. I cannot believe it either.

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Dark Chocolate Hummus

I’m so excited that I can barely speak.

Which is good news for y’all, because I’m typing this so I have have absolutely no need to speak. We can just communicate like we are robots on an episode of Guardians of the Galaxy and I am totally here for it… THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE!

Dear goodness, what have I become?

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Cauliflower Ricotta Toasts

Oh yes! It’s finally here!

I think I’ve been teasing this recipe with y’all since the summer, but I could not share it until it was absolutely perfect. I already have a ricotta recipe on the blog, but I wanted something that could be a little bit sweet. Because even spicy Sarah needs a sweet thing once in a while.

And boy, do I have it!

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Love Beets Tour + Pickled Beet White Bean Dip

Sponsored by Love Beets

Let’s take a journey into the way back machine.

Back back back, far beyond when I first had a blog. Or the blog before this blog. I bet you did not know that I had a blog before this blog, did ya? I started it between my junior and senior year of college. The Cutting Veg name has always stuck along, but that blog had the funniest attempts at photos. We’re talking photos on the floor to catch that lighting. And the recipe that started it all was a smoothie bowl!

I hope you guessed right, cause that smoothie bowl was INSANE! Ice ream for breakfast insane!

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Golden Milk Sweet Potato Fries

How could we possibly make sweet potato fries that much more delicious? How about we golden milk-ify em?

I know what you’re thinking: Sarah, not more of this trend nonsense. Why must be add activated charcoal/matcha/maca to everything with the sole purpose of making .a food seem trendy. But friends, the beauty of this dish is that the incorporating golden milk with sweet potatoes actually amplifies the flavor to a whole other level!

So let us talk about these, shall we. Delicious sweet potatoes? Check. Rich and nutty coconut oil? Check. Your favorite spices, turmeric and ginger. Triple check!

It makes me want to eat this every day for the rest of my life.

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Egg Salad Toasts with Asparagus, Mint, and Pistachios

But actually, is it spring yet? Because I am so over this winter thing.

SO over it, in fact, that I have resulted in wearing spring clothes despite it still not getting above 50 degrees during the day. This dress will not be hiding in my closet I have this thing where I just want my legs to be free, you know? I know they are pasty white but I legit do not care

It’s time to free the leg.

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