It’s the weekend! Thank goodness people.

How are y’all doing? It’s been rough with the transition here and all since the inauguration, but we are managing (even though it means long nights at the office). But I’m trying to maintain my work life balance because that has been important to me. Right? Life SHOULDN’T be all about work.

Anyways, now onto the fun stuff. This week, I really got into the savory breakfasts (hello all the sweet potatoes, so we are going to do with you) and love the way they make my brain feel in the mornings. I cannot quite give up my smoothies or overnight oats, but I believe a whole lot less of sugar will do my body good. So yeah, I’m experimenting! And I could not be more excited.

I’m also starting to get to that point in the winter where I get a little stir crazy. All I want to do though is curl up with a good book, because it is so freezy out there. Ya feel? Yeah at this point I am SO over winter. Bring it on berries!

Here’s what I’m persimmering about this week:

I want to replaced all my new fangled stuff with these ASAP

I need to make note as flu season rages onward

I want one of these as a vacation house

For sure my project for the weekend.

Another reason why I need to bother my boss for a treadmill desk

Such a sucker for stripes

Rice paper bacon? Sounds like my kind of party

Love, hate, or desperation, still a beautiful display of emotions

And finally, read this piece about the Good Fest by my girls Kate and Jess. I am SOOO excited. Have you registered?

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