My Favorite Places to Eat in Austin

After traveling to Austin, I have to say that it is definitely one of my favorite cities. I do not know how they infuse Mexican food, BBQ, and “healthy” restaurants into one, seamless travel experience, but they DO! I was honestly overwhelmed with my options and, even with the not so great weather, I found plenty to see AND eat during my travels here.

Before I start this post, let me preface this by saying this is in NO WAY a comprehensive review of places in Austin. There are just too many to count. The place also are in no way in order of how much I loved them. However, in the three days I was here and, after hearing from a TON of you about what I should do and where I should go, these were the place that stood out during my travels. I ate SO MUCH FOOD when I was there and I’m glad I did! I will say that you shjould not be afraid here to head off of the beaten path. Regardless of where I went, everything here was so delicious. They definitely have quality on their side!

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My Favorite Places to Eat in DC

Summer is coming.

And hopefully, it will not be as morbid or bloody as a Game of Thrones winter! Fall is actually my favorite season, but there is something about summertime that is always so magical. It is PRIME beach season. It becomes socially acceptable to eat ice cream all the time. The fact that I can wear shorts outside and not be judged that it is not “shorts weather”.

Personal choice that shorts weather is all the time weather.

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Letting Love, Not Fear, Be Your Compass

This past June, I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime. A friend of mine was planning on traveling the world and, for a segment of the trip, she discovered her previous travel companion was no longer able to come with her. She asked if I would like to come along, knowing of my desire to travel. When she presented the opportunity to me, I could not be more excited. The trip was for two weeks, traveling through central and eastern Europe. I had been saving money since my freshman year of college for the opportunity to do this. This was the first time I would be traveling without my family (or “adults” although technically I was an adult). And even though the $900 I spent on the last minute ticket to Venice was more money than I have ever spent in my life at once, I was so excited to be finally leaving the country by myself.

And yet, that same excitement was quickly augmented.

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