Travel Tips for Long Haul Flights  

Flying used to scare me so much, especially on long haul flights. While I love flying (as it is MUCH better than traveling in a car for long distance), I always get those late-night jitters about how I will be able to handle the long plane ride. There was even a time when I thought of pulling out Travel can be stressful, which is why I have mastered the art of staying sane while still heading to far away destinations. Believe me, you will feel so much better just trying to incorporate one or two of these techniques into your travel routine! It is almost like I did not spend six hours on a plane (almost!)

Packing a Flight Friendly Breakfast/Lunch, if Possible

I always love packing my breakfasts and lunches when I travel. There is nothing worse than airplane food, especially when it is food that is served in the plane. I always find airport/airplane food is overcooked and bland. I always have a go to lunch when I can find the time to cook beforehand. I roast a can of chickpeas and a sweet potato with curry powder, salt and pepper. I char some kale on the stove while the vegetables are roasted, then serve it with some whole milk yogurt and olive oil. It is simple, satisfying, and not too smelly. I love packing them in these reusable Tupperware to make sure nothing leaks all over the place!

If Not Possible, Finding Breakfasts/Lunches that Feature Hydrating Produce

The biggest struggle I find sitting in an airline cabin is making sure I stay hydrated. I notice such a huge difference in my mood when I know that I am drinking enough water. If you are in a pickle of not being able to cook your own food, I like to steer clear towards foods that are hydrating and nourishing. Think of fresh cut fruit, salads, and soups and avoiding food with too much salt. You might be surprised with your choices at the airport!

Bringing your own Tea/Elixirs

Often times, I am craving a bit of comfort on long haul flights. Therefore, I always find it so comforting to have some packets of my favorite teas or elixirs to enjoy on the flight. While I love drinking coffee, I try not to drink it on planes because it can be incredibly dehydrating.  Some of my favorite teas are the ginger turmeric tea from Trader Joe’s (this is a great option as well if you do not live near a Trader Joe’s), this chaga mushroom elixir (use “cuttingveg” for a discount), and, if I am feeling a little queasy, this peppermint tea.

Wearing Lavender Essential Oil:

Flying always makes me feel so restless, especially during long haul flights. Especially when I am experiencing turbulence, I wanted something that would ground me. I had read that lavender essential oil can reduce anxiety, but never tried it before this flight. Before flying, I put two drops of oil on my wrists. Not only did I feel more relaxed, but it helped to mask the scent of jet fuel in the airplane.

Bring your Own Water Bottle

There is nothing worse than sitting on a plane not knowing when or where you will get your next drink. That is why I always bring an empty reusable water bottle on the plane. Now, I know what you are thinking. Won’t they confiscate it at security? Well, dear friends, as long as the bottle is empty going through security, you can still bring it. Just refill it on the other side and you are all set. I love this bottle, but, if drinking tap water freaks you out, this charcoal filter bottle works just as well.

Wear a Scarf on the Plane

Regardless of a season, I always find the plane to be so darn cold. It is almost a guarantee that the plane is going to be cold. Whenever I travel, I love to wear a big blanket scarf like this one. Not only does it look incredibly fashionable, but it can double duty as a blanket on those long hall flights when you are trying to sleep.

Get Up and Move

There is nothing worse that getting on a flight and then sitting for 6 straight hours. Because of some previous surgeries, it is actually painful for me to sit that long. Therefore, whenever I am flying, I make an effort to get up and walk as often as I can. I will set an alarm to make sure I get up and stretch every hour (just make sure it does not ring so loudly so everyone can hear it!). I might even do some quick squats to get my legs moving. I promise you, doing this works wonders once you finally get off of the plane.

Wearing Compression Socks

Where do I begin with these? Compression socks have honestly changed my flying experience. No joke! If I end up sitting for too long, my legs begin to HURT so much. Cue the compression socks. They help blood to circulate especially during times when you are sitting so long. I just wore them on my last flight at the recommendation of a friend. I do not think I will ever go without them!

Download a Ton of Podcasts/Movies

I always try to be productive when flying and get some work done. However, no flight would be complete without binging on some of my favorite podcasts and movies. I use Xfinity, Netflix, or Amazon Prime apps to download episodes of my favorite shows for free. I also make sure to download my favorite podcasts just in case I want to give my eyes a rest.

Carry a Portable Charger

I could not mention binging on my favorite podcasts and movies without forgetting to mention to ALWAYS bring a portable battery pack on the plane. While many planes now have outlets available to charge the plethora of electronic devices, there are still some planes that (gasp) lack in that department. Just in case I watch one too many movies and my battery goes dead, I love to bring a portable charger. This one is easy to charge (you can use the solar cells to charge it via the sun) or just carry this one (which is as small as a tube of lipstick).

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