What I Eat in a Day

Hello chickpeas!

Welcome to another round where I tell you what I eat. Can I just tell you that I found the YouTube version of this blog post and, I swear, it is BEYOND entertaining. Even more entertaining than the ultimate cheat day videos. How can someone eat that much food?

But I digress

Anyways, let’s talk about what I’m eating, starting with breakfast. I’ve been really into overnight oats and I made my triple coconut version for breakfast and stuffed it into a peanut butter jar. I then topped it with frozen raspberries, sunflower seeds, and more almond butter. HEAVEN

After a million hours of class, I was totally ready for a snack. I have loved snacking on these sumo mandarins. They’re just so sweet and juicy. They are most definitely the champagne of the citrus world and I cannot get enough!

Finally, I ended up having a lunch around the same time as some of your grandparents get their blue plate special. I am trying to do better about eating earlier, but sometimes, the day just gets away from me. For lunch, I had 2 slices of sourdough bread, topped with mashed avocado, roasted asparagus, and grated hard boiled egg. The hard boiled egg is my obsession. I grate it with my microplane! If you want a paleo version, I love this avocado egg salad.

After doing some homework, it is dinnertime! Tonight, I had some red lentil pasta, topped with my cauliflower cream sauce I had leftover in the freezer, zoodles, arugula, and peas. It was so satisfying and perfect for a filling vegan dinner.

I wasn’t feeling dessert tonight, so I ended up having a huge warm mug of Four Sigmatic mushroom hot cacao. You can use the code “cuttingveg” for 15% off if you’re interested! Also, for dessert, I am giving you the 411 on things I’ve been into lately. This floral blouse, these gorgeous platform sandals, these leopard print shoes, this lemon top, and these AMAZING pants. I have them in so many colors. Happy Weekend!

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